Enhance your visibility with exciting, focused and precise messages . Our publicity shots and videos will emphasize your business’s advantages, brand values, vision and direction. Engage your clients with messages highlighting your abilities as a business.

What's on the menu?

Corporate portrait photography

Head shots for worker profile and company convention portrait station.

Portrait photography

Showcasing yourmanagement team and the people behind the products and processes.

Publicity shots

Showcase the company offices/ show rooms/ customer relations/ logistics warehouse, and more.

Exposing products

Precise visuals of the shopping experience/ customer experience and more.

Product production

a visual documentation of a day’s work – management, meeting with customers, creative process and more.

Knowledge branding

filming of conventions/ lectures/ workshops.


Backstage photography of shooting days.

Our services

1. Portrait photography
2. Lifestyle photography
3. Publicity videos
4. Materials tailored for social media
5. Creative services
6. Production services


basic portrait package

  • Up to 3 images (full editing).
  • 10-20 images (with colour correction).
  • Preparation for print and web.

Manager portrait package

  • 3 different looks.
  • 5 images per look (full edit).
  • 5 additional images per look (colour correction only).
  • On a clean background or on location.

Worker portrait package (up to 10 workers):

  • 3-5 images per worker (full edit on two chosen images).
  • Shot on company premises.

Photo station at
company event/ convention

  • Full set built on location.
  • 3-4 images per person (only colour correction).
  • In a convention you can send to each person via WhatsApp.

Publicity video

  • One stop shop capabilities (creative, copy, production and more).
  • Length according to customer need.
  • Social media orientated editing.

All material can be adapted for all brand channels: website/ social media/ conventions and exhibitions/ print with a clean conceptual background.

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