& Lifestyle

Create a visual story of your business, brand your boutique business and yourselves as a leading persona and a professional in your field.
Show the face behind the business – the jeweler, the wine maker, the designer, the artist and every other entrepreneur in the lifestyle area looking to show his/her personality / work style / source of inspiration and processes.

What's on the menu?

Professional portrait

Visualize the face of the business.

Management / worker portraits

at the studio or company offices.

Publicity images of the business

reception hall/ sales and more.

Costumer experience

Showcasing the shopping experience and customer relation experience.

Documentary images and video of a day’s work

management decision making’ client meetings, business backstage.

Our services

1. Product photography
2. Portrait photography
3. Lifestyle photography
4. Publicity videos
5. Videos tailored for social media
6. Creative services
7. Production services


Product photography

  • Packshots on a clean background
  • Compositions on a clean background
  • Product photography on location

Catalogue photography

  • Atmosphere shots of the product
  • Pack shot photography
  • Business owner portrait

Atmosphere images of the work space

  • Showing the space
  • Work dynamic shots
  • Close ups

Visual documentation of the building of your business or collection / product creation.

  • Product photography
  • Documenting the process stills/ video
  • Portrait shots of workers and business owner

Publicity video for your business or collection / product

  • Concept and creative
  • Script
  • Production
  • Filming and editing

All material can be adapted for all brand channels: website/ social media/ conventions and exhibitions/ print with a clean/ conceptual background.

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